Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Quick Pattern Question

I'm about to start a new adventure and I need help in making a decision. I have not knit a sweater in over 30 years and I think it's high time to do so. The only sweater I have ever knit is an Icelandic Lopi sweater that I knit while in Iceland in 1975. If I can remember after I get home today I'll take a picture of it. This sweater was actually my first knitting project and I was so naive that I didn't know that it was too advanced for a beginner. I had no knitting fear back then. Looking back I don't know how in the world I ever did it. And, it only took a week to finish. Of course it was knit with bulky yarn on size 10.5 needles and I didn't work then. I only wore the thing twice because it scratched like crazy and was a tad small. I didn't know about swatching. Ever since picking up the knitting again I have said I'm going to knit a sweater and have never been able to make the commitment to just do it. I'm ready. I've selected a likely candidate. But first I want to see if anyone else has knit this pattern and if so what tips you can give me. It is the Shocking! Jacket from IK Winter 2004. A lovely fitted jacket with princess seams that will be perfect for the office. I plan to leave off the flower motif along the left sleeve. I looked at the IK site and didn't find any pattern corrections. What about it knitters? Have you knit this? What problems did you encounter? I would love to see pictures of your finished jackets. Heavens, I'm getting all goose bumpy just thinking about casting on.



At Wed Jan 03, 02:15:00 PM, Blogger Anne said...

I personally have not knit this, but June over at Two Sheep has - you might check her archives comments, because she has some...I won't call the corrections, but rather, modifications.... to the pattern that will possibly make it even better to knit. Shoot me an email if you don't have her blog addy. It's a great pattern! Good luck!


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