Saturday, February 03, 2007

Finished Miata

The Miata socks are done. Actually they've been done for a while but I just now got around to posting. I have given them to their owner and she was very pleased with them. I was worried about the fit since she wasn't around for the final length fitting. But, she said they fit perfect. I was very happy with the way the colors worked out with this yarn. There is no annoying flashing, spiraling or pooling. Specs for this project can be found here.
Believe it or not I do not have another sock project started. I need to dye up some yarn before I can start another pair. To keep my fingers busy until I can get time to dye I have started a scarf. I'm using the Harlot's One Row pattern with Cascade 220. The color is 9438, Tahiti. This yarn has been languishing in the stash for a while waiting for the right project to come along. I tried Grumperina's Shifting Sands scarf, a simple moss stitch scarf, and a couple more that I can't remember right now. But none of those were right for this yarn. Finally I remembered the one row scarf and decided to give it a try. It was perfect. This may be my new favorite scarf pattern. It's easy enough to be a take along project. It's simple but not at all boring. It's reversible and looks stunning. I cast on 30 stitches on size 8 needles and will knit until I run out of yarn. By my calculations this should result in a scarf about 45" long. This would be a perfect time to show you a picture of the scarf in progress but I forgot and left the camera in the truck overnight and the battery is dead. As soon as it finishes charging I'll get a picture.
Yarn for a sweater has been ordered but unfortunately the post office is in no rush to get it to me. It languished in the Atlanta Sortation center for a day and a half. Come on people. Get with the program. It is scheduled for delivery Tuesday. The problem with that is we live so far off the road that our postal carrier will not bring packages to our doorstep. She leaves a card in the mailbox and then we have to go to the post office to get the package. The post office closes at 4:00 and we don't get back into town from work until nearly 4:30. That means that I won't get my yarn until Friday when DH is off work and can run to the post office for me. Aaaaaaaggggghhhh.
Okay, I feel better now.
Go Colts!

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At Sat Feb 03, 07:47:00 PM, Blogger AR said...

I love the socks! They look so warm and cozy! Can't wait to see the scarf.

At Mon Feb 05, 05:17:00 PM, Blogger Anne said...

What lovely, cheerful, bright-colored socks! Perfect for dreary winter days. They look great!


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