Monday, June 19, 2006

What Does Your Website Look Like?

Found this cool link over at Mason Dixon. Go and type in your blog address to see what your site looks like. Mine looks like this:

Pretty neat huh? It's fun to watch the graphic take shape and grow.

We're still waiting on the arrival of Sabrena's cria. I swear she's gonna blow at any time. She is just so big and round. Pictures will be posted as soon as "she" hits the ground.


At Sun Jun 25, 01:39:00 PM, Anonymous The Spinning Guy (Kim) said...

Still waiting for Sabrena? What is it with these long pregnancies? Are you planning to re-breed for (late) spring pregnancies or hold off for fall babies?

It's hot here. Forecast over 100 today. We're staying home from Black Sheep Gathering to monitor the alpacas in the heat.


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