Thursday, May 25, 2006

Why I'm Not Knitting, Part Two

We will now continue our tale of days without knitting. Our story picks up in the barn. This first view is from the far wall of the studio looking out into the stall. We plan to install a small plexiglass window in the wall so that we can keep an eye on alpaca shenanigans. I still have not decided what to do with the walls in the studio. The sheathing on the animal side is now up and stained. We chose inexpensive luan plywood and stained it a nice cherry. We'll come back later and install a thicker board along the kick line. I don't think they would actually be able to kick a hole in the wall but, just in case we'll put something up that they can't kick through. If you're wondering if an alpaca would ever actually kick the wall the answer is yes. One of the girls kicked it while waiting for shearing. She was probably aiming at one of the other girls and missed. Luckily no hole and no injury to any animal. Back inside the studio the space becomes more defined by the addition of the outer sheathing. That's DH on the ladder working on the blocking. I plan to put display ledges at the 8' level and this blocking will help support them. We hired the pros to build the shell of the barn and pour the concrete floor. DH did all the plumbing and electrical work and he and I together framed the studio walls and hung the sheathing. Finally, at the end of a long day DH heads up the drive to the house for a much needed break. The last picture has nothing to do with barns and alpacas. One day while we were hard at work out here a brief storm passed through the area. I was able to get this shot of the rainfall. The light during this time had a very odd quality. There will be one more installment so don't click to far away.


At Thu May 25, 06:03:00 PM, Anonymous Kim (The Spinning Guy) said...

Ok. I'm jealous! Our little three-sided sheds are NOTHING like your barn.

ps. No cria here yet.


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